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What symptoms may be caused by haemorrhoids?

The principal symptom with haemorrhoids is pruritus (itching) in the rectal region and possibly blood on stools and toilet paper after defecation.
Haemorrhoids manifest themselves through:

  • itching, burning and discharge in the rectal and anal region, dripping of blood after defecation or deposits of bright red blood and secretion of mucus (depending on grade),
    key sign: blood on toilet paper
  • feeling of incomplete stool evacuation and subsequent faecal spotting (advanced disease)
  • feeling of obstruction
  • protrusion of the rectal mucosa (prolapse)
  • acute pain as a result of strangulation of the prolapsing tissue with subsequent marked swelling
  • irritant contact dermatitis in the context of constant irritation of the skin by stool and moisture (secretion of mucus). The symptoms are more likely to develop if the skin barrier is compromised by excessive oil-removing cleansing with wet wipes or irritant creams.
  • additionally occurring allergic contact eczema. Contact allergies may occur, e.g. to toilet paper, wet wipes or topical treatments.

NB: since these symptoms may also be caused by other diseases, examination by a doctor is advisable in all cases.

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